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Greener overview
As with most start-ups, our website needs a bit of polish - which is just around the corner with an upcoming brand refresh!

So here’s a bit of background on our journey to date...

Having been recognised as the #1 cleantech start-up in Australia, we recently piloted Greener to demonstrate we could help people reduce their emissions by 23%, while bringing brand partners up to 21% of customers from their competition. Everyone wins, especially the planet.

It’s now time to take this vision from pilot, to launch. Here's a quick video to help bring things to life (soz for Tom’s mullet, the video was pulled together during Covid!)

Position overview
We're polishing our brand with the agency recently awarded #1 creative agency in the world and are looking for an exceptional talent to BE the voice of the Greener brand.

To bring the brand to life. To BE Greener and GROW its community of members and brands.

So if you’re that friend who LOVES sustainability but also LOVES retail therapy, can tell a great story not just with words but also visually, and is the one who basically holds the group chat together - we’ve been looking for you!

You could be the one if...

What great would look like in the role

Your north star is to build and grow a passionate community of people and brands that want to make our world greener with every dollar they spend.

To stay on track and measure success, we'll look at the following

The nuts and bolts

Why work at Greener?

Ready to apply?
If you’re keen to be part of building Australia’s first cleantech unicorn and reading this job ad made you wish you started yesterday — it’s time to throw your hat in the ring.

Please send your CV to and answer the following questions in the body of your email.

  1. Tell us about the community you’ve built, how large & engaged it was, and how you did it?
  2. What brand do you think has a strong tone of voice, and why?
  3. How would you explain what a carbon footprint is, to your climate unconscious friend?
  4. What is your favourite sustainable shopping resource and why?
  5. Share the best cut-through post on socials from a brand, and why you like it? (send us the link!)
Ohhh, and please include with your CV a few highlights of your work that you’re most proud of (e.g. examples of communities you’ve built, blog posts, social content, visual design etc).

Applications close Sunday 3rd April 2022