Frequently Asked Questions

What’s worse, plastics or emissions?

Emissions are the key contributor to climate change. But people don’t think about them as much as plastic, because they’re harder to see, harder to understand, and harder to clean up – until now.

Plastics are still bad! As Sarah Wilson says, “the planet can’t digest plastic. Once it exists, it’s never going to be gone. Every bit of plastic that’s ever been made still exists on the planet”. 

Greener helps you find businesses that are doing better for the planet, like reducing plastics or using better materials, while also helping you to clean up your emissions. It’s a win-win!

What does my halo actually show?

Your Greener halo is a simplified version of your carbon footprint - the emissions of your spending over the last 30 days. The goal is to complete your halo. When you do this, you have ZERO emissions, which means you’re doing your bit to stop climate change! 

Carbon footprints are super complex, and are impacted by every choice you make. For example, did you know that a serving of chicken creates 90% less emissions than beef? And eating veggies creates even less emissions again. 

Your halo is a simple and encouraging way to see the climate impact of your spending choices.

How does Greener clean up emissions?

Trees naturally soak up emissions, so forests are like a giant emissions vacuum cleaner. When you spend at Greener businesses who are doing better for the planet, we plant Aussie forests that clean up the emissions equivalent to those of your purchase – making your spending completely neutral for the climate.

How does Greener decide which businesses are... Greener!?

We use independent environmental accreditations to verify that a business is doing better in at least one of these green categories:

  1. Reducing emissions
  2. Reducing waste
  3. Using better materials
  4. Engaging in responsible business practices

For every business on the app, you can see why they’re greener, and which accreditations they have worked hard to secure.

We also have a naughty list. So even if a business is great at recycling, if their product is fundamentally harmful to the planet (like petrol), they can’t be on the app.

Our team is working with Harvard University to develop a Greener ‘emissions test’ for businesses – stay tuned!

Does Greener encourage people to consume more?

Not at all! We’ve worked with the best behavioural and environmental scientists to create our Greener Halo. Your Halo is a simple reflection of your carbon footprint, so by shopping less you are releasing less emissions, and your Halo improves.

We all need a roof over our heads, clothing to wear and food on the table. Greener makes it easy to make better choices, and then cleanup whatever emissions are left over.

I know a green business that’s not on Greener

That’s music to our ears! We’re always looking for genuine green businesses to partner with. Send them to this page on our website or they can email us. If they check out as genuinely being green, we’d love to bring them on board!

How does Greener make money?

We promote greener businesses to the consumers they love - greener ones! In return, they pay us a small fee. We then use this to remove all the emissions of what you buy. It's a win-win for everyone, especially the planet.

Is Greener secure?

We partner with Basiq to securely connect to your bank account. Basiq has bank grade security, and uses the AES-256bit encryption trusted by NAB and Westpac. We do regular penetration testing and privacy compliance audits. That's a fancy way of saying that your data is SUPER secure! We can never transact on your behalf, and we can’t access your credentials. We’ll also never share your data with anyone, unless you specifically ask us to.

Can I really help stop climate change?

Yes! If everyone got their personal greenhouse gas emissions down to zero (and quickly) we could prevent the worst-case climate change scenarios. And the great news is, Greener makes this not just possible, but simple.

One of the most powerful things we can do as individuals is to use our dollars to support greener businesses. Eventually, businesses who aren’t good for the planet will have to get better, or they’ll lose their customers!

Spending with greener businesses still creates some emissions that cause climate change. That’s why Greener automatically calculates and cleans up the rest. We help you get your emissions down to zero, and do your bit to stop climate change.

Hang on, hasn’t the climate always been changing?

It sure has, but what’s happening now is different. The climate changes slowly over thousands of years based on how much (or how little) greenhouse gas emissions are in the atmosphere. 

Ice ages happen when there's not enough greenhouse gases, and “hot ages” happen when there’s too much. Because of human activity, emissions today are way, WAY higher than they have been over the last 800 thousand years.

Temperature changes follow emissions, which means we need to reduce and clean up emissions ASAP!

How are humans causing climate change?

97% of scientists agree - humans are the key contributor to the rapid warming of our climate. That’s because there has never been such a huge injection of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions, in such a short period of time.

Emissions come from burning coal for electricity, using petrol in our cars, and turning on the gas for our hot water. They also come from making the things we use every day, like cement, plastic and steel. Even agriculture creates emissions!

We all know the devastation of more frequent and extreme wildfires and super-storms. That's why we need to reduce the emissions we create, while also cleaning up those that are already there. This is exactly what Greener does!

What are emissions anyway?

Emissions (greenhouse gases which include CO2 and methane) are a natural part of our atmosphere. The problem is that we’re releasing WAY too much of them, which is warming up our planet with some pretty nasty consequences.

Emissions are released from just about everything we make and use, like the electricity that warms and cools our homes, the cars and planes that let us visit our families, and the products and food we buy every day.

Our first step is to choose greener options, like powering our home with green energy, using public transport, buying second hand, and shopping with greener businesses. The second step is to clean up our emissions as we go. Greener makes all this super easy!

How can you make such a big, complex problem sound so easy to fix?

By no means do we underestimate the complexity of solving climate change! This is a problem that’s going to take everyone’s best efforts – including businesses and governments around the world.

One of our core values is to make complex things simple, and decision making easy. The smartphone we all have in our pockets is unbelievably complex, but it’s wrapped up in a simple user experience. Greener is taking the same approach.

That’s why we brought together the world’s best environmental and behavioural scientists, to make complex things simple so everyone can be part of the climate solution.

There’s a business on the app that’s not really green

There are the greenEST businesses and greenER businesses. The greenest businesses out there are doing amazing things - think the solar powered organic grocer in the foothills of Byron Bay. While we aim to partner with these businesses, we also need to bring scale to the climate solution to make a real difference. We do that by shining a light on convenient, greener options for everything you buy, no matter where you live. Then, we make your purchase even greener by removing ALL the emissions of your purchase.

Every business on Greener is doing better in at least one of these categories – reducing emissions, reducing waste, using better materials, or engaging in responsible business practices.

How does Greener use my data?

You give the Greener app access to see your transactions, but NOT to transact on your behalf. We use the transaction data for the accounts you link to calculate and clean up your emissions.

Your credentials are securely encrypted using the same banking technology used by Westpac and NAB, so no human can ever see them. We also anonymously capture info on how you’re using the app, like the pages you visit and the device you’re using. We aggregate this data to improve the app and understand sustainable shopping behaviour to inspire more businesses raise the bar and be better for the planet. We’ll never (ever) sell your personal data.

More questions? Have a read of our privacy policy.

What happens to my data if I delete my account?

Your personal data is yours, so we don’t sell it, nor do we share it unless you ask us to. While we don’t like saying goodbye, if you disconnect a bank account or delete your profile, we no longer have access to your transaction feed.


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