Going Green these Holidays: A Quick Guide to Shopping Sustainably This Holiday Season




November 22, 2022

The holiday season is almost here, which means time for family, festive cheer….and unfortunately, a lot of waste.

The holiday season is almost here, which means time for family, festive cheer….and unfortunately, a lot of waste. 

Last year's sales from online shopping alone were predicted to release the carbon equivalent of 215 flights between London and Sydney (390,000 tonnes carbon).

But do you want to know a secret? Doing your gift buying doesn’t have to hurt the environment!

If you’re looking to make some purchases or gift your loved ones some of your favourite brands in favour of a more mindful and considerate approach, then you’re in the right place. 

Here at Greener, it’s not about becoming a hermit and avoiding the modern world, it’s about making it easier to make better choices and buy greener not just these holidays, but everyday.

Here are 3 ways to do just that:

Invest in quality products

Image via Lime Tree Kids

With nearly 27 million old and broken toys thrown away by Aussies every year, it’s more important than ever to buy quality products. When doing your shopping these holidays, be mindful about high-quality, low-impact materials that won’t leave a dent on the environment. 

Choosing to spend a little more on a quality product will save you money in the long-run as it will need to be replaced far less often.That’s a winner in our books.

Opt for businesses with sustainable packaging 

Image via Flora & Fauna

Aussies throw away around 1.9 million tonnes of packaging each year! That’s enough to fill the entire Melbourne Cricket Ground nine times over. But there are many ways you can minimise packaging waste and increase the chances of waste being recycled by opting for businesses who offer sustainable packaging.

‘What’s sustainable packaging?’ You ask? It’s packaging that is composed of materials that have a lower environmental impact than non-sustainable alternatives like single-use plastics.

It’s not hard to find them these days! Flora & Fauna have a range of eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable products that they pack in recycled boxes and Lush Cosmetics use as little packaging in the shops as possible and give people the choice to go completely without.

There is an abundance of brands out there that take action against the impact their packaging has on the environment. At Greener, we’re here to make it easier to find them.

Support brands giving back and that contribute very little to the planet or society

Image via Flavours of Byron Bay Gourmet Hampers

Greener makes it easy to reduce your impact every time you spend by connecting you with 100’s of brands that are already out there doing better for the planet, and offsetting the carbon emissions of your purchase at no extra cost. From Afends, leaders in organic hemp fashion, to T2’s sustainably sourced teas or Flavours of Byron Bay Gourmet Hampers, there’s something environmentally friendly for everyone these holidays. 

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