Getting Greener with Prue Bauer




March 22, 2023

Seeking a greener way of life, Prue and Tom are on a mission to make gardening simple, for everyone. We chatted with Prue to learn more...

What does sustainability mean to you? What motivated you to be a sustainable business?

Being able to meet our current needs whilst maintaining a good balance between commercial outcomes, our environment and social well being whilst not compromising on our future generations needs.

We are highly motivated by people and planet which really go hand in hand.  If we want to be able to ensure the future of generations to come (and my 2 small children), we need to start doing things differently so they have a world still filled with enough resources to ensure their wellbeing and lives today and tomorrow.

Where did the idea for Airgarden come from? 

A huge part of the vision for Airgarden was to create a product which allowed anyone to grow their own food anywhere anytime regardless of experience without having a huge impact on natural resources and peoples health. Using aeroponic technology we are able to produce significant amounts of nutritious fresh food without using harmful chemicals and pesticides.  

We use 95% less water and don’t require large amounts of space or soil to grow.  We are significantly reducing food waste by only harvesting what we need when we need it and have zero food miles as the produce is grown straight from garden to table in the one spot.

What's one thing you're really proud of? 

We have also invested heavily in our Airgarden schools program which is aligned with the Australian Curriculum & teaches young minds about how we can bring production to where consumption is happening in our urban communities; educating on our food system & alternatives to producing our own food in a way that is both great for people and planet.

We are a participating member or 1% for the planet

Last year we were awarded our water efficiency certification by the Water Org organisation

What has been the most surprising or rewarding thing you’ve encountered on your journey to becoming more sustainable?

People. Whether it be our customers or learning and sharing from other businesses, there are so many people trying to make a difference which is truly amazing and inspiring.  Not everyone has the ability to make a big impact but regardless they are trying, and exploring and having an open mind. There is an authentic curiosity as to how we can iterate continuously to keep doing more and getting better at caring for our people and planet.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while trying to get greener, and how have you tackled this?

Currently being able to manufacture our Airgarden using recycled materials.  Growing food  it’s vital that our materials are of a food grade in their standard.
We continue to look for ways to be able to do this alongside our local manufacturers to be able to do this.  It’s a journey and it’s iterative. We will continue to try and find solutions to enable us to do this whilst ensuring we meet our food grade standards.

Why is being a founding partner of the Green Economy important to you?

There is no more time to wait.  We need to be making changes today right now for the future of our planet & our children.  Nothing is ever perfect from the start but from little things big things grow.  I like to think we are building a tribe of like minded people via Airgarden who are all rowing in the same direction trying to make a change together.

Who else do you think is doing sustainability well and why?  

Bassike -  I think Mary Lou & Deb & the entire team at Bassike have really led from the front when it comes to sustainability and really making a change in a highly competitive and tough industry like fashion.  They truly live by their values authentically and continue to iterate, and strive for that real balance between profit and purpose, and also local and sustainable manufacturing.  They are truly inspiring with what they have accomplished since 2006 in the world of fashion whilst remaining environmentally and sustainably focused.

What tips do you have for people wanting to live a greener way of life? 

Do something, don't do nothing. Everything regardless of how small makes a difference.  Try growing your own with an Airgarden is easier than you might think and you’ll save more than just money in the process.

Such great advice Prue! Thanks for taking time to chat with us

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