Getting Greener with Danielle Glover




March 16, 2023

Passionate about products that are just as good for our planet, as they are for our skin, we spoke to {SIMPLE as that}'s founder, Danielle Glover...

Danielle, founded {SIMPLE as that} back in 2015, with the dream of helping to create a healthier world and planet. Starting a journey, where one day organic skincare is ‘the norm’ and we no longer have to worry about what we’re putting on our skin,

{SIMPLE as that} is all about skin health and promoting natural beauty, simply. We know that sticking to the basics is the best for your skin and our planet.

As a Greener Goddess and Founding Partner of the Green Economy, we spoke to Danielle to find out more about her story.

Here's what she had to say...

What does sustainability mean to you?

To me sustainability means being able to live, exist and grow in our environment without compromising the needs of future generations by depleting natural resources.

How is your brand taking action to reduce your impact on climate change? What green initiatives are you most proud of?

At {SIMPLE as that} we continually strive to reduce our impact on climate change by being socially and environmentally responsible. The green initiatives that we have implemented so far include using recyclable glass bottles for our skincare products, shipping our orders in 100% biodegradable packaging, running our office from home to reduce unnecessary energy, and therefore our overall carbon footprint, and choosing to work with other eco-friendly businesses.

What has been the most surprising or rewarding thing you’ve encountered on your journey to becoming more sustainable?

I think the most rewarding thing I’ve encountered on my journey to becoming a more sustainable business is the growing number of consumers who are also passionate about sustainability.

When I started {SIMPLE as that} the concept of sustainability and green initiatives was all fairly new but I’m getting more and more emails from customers these days thanking us for doing what we do and that definitely makes me smile.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while trying to get greener, and how have you tackle this?

I think the main challenge I’ve faced as a small business owner when trying to become a greener business is time. Being a product-based company we obviously have a responsibility to get our orders out to our customers and that is always our main priority on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, this also means there are lengthy periods when we don’t have a lot of time to focus on other areas, especially whilst also raising a family. I think the way we’ve been able to overcome this is by introducing green initiatives slowly and one by one over time. Going green is a journey and dedicating just a few hours a month to green initiatives can really make a huge difference.  

Why is being a founding partner of the Green Economy important to you?

Being a founding partner of the Green Economy is important to me as it’s a really powerful way to get the message out there that we need to reduce our carbon footprint now to help end climate change and one way we can do this is by purchasing from brands dedicated to making more sustainable choices.  

Who else do you think is doing sustainability well and why?  

There are a few companies that we work with who are doing sustainability really well. These include Scoop Wholefoods and Biome. Both companies really stand out at being dedicated to safeguarding our planet for future generations through their environmental, social and economic sustainability practices.

Huge thanks to Danielle for having a chat and sharing her story.

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