Getting Greener with Lara Lynch




March 20, 2023

"We are all keepers of the earth and we hope to do better everyday." It's this belief that fuels Lara and her fellow Keepers, Kathryn and Hugh. Lara sat down with us recently and shared some heartwarming truths about what drives her passion for sustainability...

What motivated you to be a sustainable business?

Sustainability is about habits and the everyday influencing the future.

The motivation to me is very simple, it’s just how it should be, how it has to be if we want a future in which humanity features.

The first time this resonated with me was when I read Jurassic park as a young teenager. Malcolm the mathematician has a very pragmatic attitude. My favourite quote:

“Let's be clear. The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven't got the power to destroy the planet - or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves.”

This realisation that the earth will survive, it will adapt and carry on with or without us really shocked me because it was so true.

What has been the most surprising or rewarding thing you’ve encountered on your journey to becoming more sustainable?

It’s corny but it’s been my children. Somehow I had this fear that they would be resistant to mommy always saying no, no, no its plastic. But they have been so open. They are the future and the future seems bright to me.

Although I am a bit concerned that my younger one wants to be reincarnated as a fish or a seal.. because she wants to help the polar bears and so they can eat her. *shocked mommy*

The other reward was when we visited a primary school and ran a sustainability workshop with the preppies. The whole foundation year I got to make a Tataki Zome (flower bashed) eco printed library bag. We talked about Mottainai, the Japanese concept of zero waste and the kids just really took it in. For weeks we heard stories of how kids were telling mom not to waste a tissue or asking how to recycle an empty packet.

What's a fun fact that people may not know?

At The Keeper we really try to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our business. It’s hard at times when there are only 3 of you but we keep each other accountable.

I’m most proud of our reclaimed office.

We got all of our computers and technology from e-waste and our office furniture from a city office being stripped for new tenants.

It is incredible how much office waste there is. Here we were on the 30th floor of an inner Melbourne office building and half a floor of offices was being stripped to the walls and wires. What happens to the desks, chairs, cabinets and anything else left behind by previous tenants? You can guess. An estimated 55,000 tonnes of office waste is discarded in Sydney alone each year. Melbourne and other cities are no different - and it's mostly kept behind closed doors.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced while trying to get greener, and how have you tackle this?

Staying consistent and true to what I want to do in the face of temptation. With our business it’s been easy. Is that the sustainable choice, yes or no. Do it or don’t. But personally it's hard to give up things like Healthybake sliced bread which comes in a plastic bag when it’s the one little joy. Yes it’s organic, sourdough, locally made but I feel a little twang of guild that I should be making my own bread and milking my own cow. Haha.  

Why is being a founding partner of the Green Economy important to you?

For The Keeper we want to connect and educate and help consumers and customers find better long term solutions. This feels like a socially responsible alternative to a ‘social media’ platform.

Who else do you think is doing sustainability well and why?  

During the lockdown craze for loo paper I was really impressed with the messaging and consumer kindness from Who Give a Crap loo paper. While many companies were trying to take advantage of the situation or throwing sustainability out the window ‘temporarily’ in the light of the situation - WGAC stayed true and also managed to communicate cleverly and openly. Also always very cheeky!

We loved chatting with Lara, and we agree... the future IS looking bright!

If you're inspired to choose a better bag or interested in finding out more about Tataki Zome, check out The Keeper here

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