What’s greener?

Hello! We're Greener. And this is why we exist.

We’re launching an app, but more importantly, we’re launching a new economy.

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March 15, 2021

We are Greener. And this is why we exist.

We’re launching an app, but more importantly, we’re launching a new economy. A Greener Economy. One that brings Greener businesses and consumers together to repair the planet.

Greener began with the realisation that climate change can be solved!

We believe that people need hope, backed up with real, practical and convenient ways to take action. So we brought together the best climate and behavioural scientists to create a solution. One that lives in the palm of your hand.

One that repairs the planet with every dollar you spend.

This is why we exist.  This is our purpose.

How does Greener work?

Everything we buy creates emissions that cause climate change. We help people find businesses that are independently verified to be taking genuine steps to be better for the planet.

Then when Greener members buy from these Greener businesses, we plant native Aussie forests. These forests literally clean up and store the emissions equivalent to those created by each purchase. Buying Greener means that you leave NO trace of emissions behind!

We’re a world first. Why?

There are literally hundreds of options out there for people who want to clean up the emissions of what they buy. But none are as seamless as Greener, and NONE are free for the consumer – that's how we’re different. By partnering with Greener brands, we make doing the right thing easy, automatic and free!  

GreenEST vs GreenER.

One of our core values at Greener is “not letting perfect be the enemy of the good”.

There are super green businesses out there doing fantastic things - think the solar powered, macro-organic grocer in the foothills of Byron Bay.

While we aim to partner with these super green businesses, we also need to bring scale to rapidly repair the planet. And we do that by shining a light on convenient, green businesses for everything you buy, then make them greener by removing ALL the emissions of what you buy.

To qualify as a Greener business, you need to be independently verified as taking genuine steps to be better for the planet. Every Greener business needs to check at least 1 of these boxes:

reducing emissions
reducing waste
using better materials
engaging in more responsible business practices
We bring Greener People and Businesses together to repair the planet

Our commitment is to get greener every day, and we’ll keep raising the bar on what is "Greener".

People are becoming greener. Businesses are becoming greener. And we are the platform that brings them together.  

The Greener app is launching in 2021.

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