How solar can save you money and the planet




January 12, 2023

Save up to $236 every quarter with the power of the sun.

Save up to $236 every quarter with the power of the sun.

Summer is here, the sun is shining and we’re full of new year energy.Don’t you just wish you could bottle this feeling?Well you can! And we’re here to tell you how.Few people the world over are better placed to take advantage of the power of the sun than us Aussies.In any given year, Australia is typically bathed with enough sunlight to power the whole of Australia over 10 thousand times1And with energy prices getting more expensive every year, it’s one of the most effective ways to reduce your monthly expenses and household carbon emissions at the same time.

Can solar power save you money?

As Orphan Annie once wisely espoused “the sun will come up tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun”. And if a 10 year old in 1977 knew this to be true, why has it taken us so long to join the dots?Now for those too young to remember Orphan Annie, let us break it down.There’s nothing more reliable than the sun rising in the east every day. So solar is arguably the cleanest and most sustainable source of power we have.

Research shows that installing rooftop solar can actually reduce the average Australian household power bill by up to 70%1.

That’s around $236 every quarter, back in your pocket!Some people who install solar panels with a battery storage option can even generate enough power to say goodbye to paying an energy bill at all.

And since roughly 12% of Australia’s carbon emissions come from our home energy use3, by harnessing the power of the sun at home, we could remove up to 42 million tonnes of CO2 from our atmosphere4.

But isn’t solar expensive to install?

It’s true that there are upfront costs to consider, and these can feel cost prohibitive to many.What’s surprising though is how quickly these costs can be recouped in energy bill savings each month.Independent comparison sites like Canstar Blue do a really good job of breaking it down and showing how investing in solar can be profitable over time.

How much money it will cost and how quickly you will start saving, will depend a lot on how much energy you use and what type of solar system you install.What’s important to remember is that the cost of buying energy is only getting more expensive every year, with many analysts predicting we’ll be paying double for our energy in less than 2 more year5, YIKES!So whilst investing in solar may be a hit to the hip pocket today, it will likely mean you’re saving more money much sooner than you think.Plus, if your solar panels are generating more power than you need, you can sell your excess energy back to the grid; lowering your carbon footprint further and putting more money in your pocket.

You can check out the Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy tool, to see what rates different energy providers will pay to buy your excess solar energy back.So solar can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. But how do you know if solar is right for you and how can you get it?Stay tuned to find out…


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