The women making waves for a healthier planet




March 8, 2023

It's Women's History Month, so what better time to celebrate some Greener Goddesses that are helping to pave the way to a more sustainable future

Today, 8 March, is International Women’s Day! Hip hip hooray!

So to kick off the celebrations, we're shining a light on some of our homegrown female eco-warriors that are helping to make history, paving the way to a greener future for all.

We recently spoke to some of our favourite female founders,

and asked them what sustainability means to them…?

What are some of the challenges they’ve faced on the path to building a sustainable business…?

And what gets them excited about helping to create a greener future?

Because when it comes to getting greener, to steal the words of Queen Bey… “Who runs the world…?” 

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks, as we share what they had to say. 

And shine a light on some inspiring leaders, helping to accelerate the growth of the Green Economy.