What’s greener?

More than ripples

This isn’t just about individual impact. Our simple choices can be exponentially amplified.

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Published on:

August 12, 2021

The world is SO big, that it’s easy to feel like the good things we do don’t add up to all that much. But as individuals we can make more than ripples. We can catalyse tidal waves of change.

Just like a strategically placed acupuncture needle impacts the whole body, there are choices we can make that shift the whole system.  

Scenario: It’s day 9783 of lock-down, and you decide to spice up your life with some at-home pampering.

Choice 1: You head to your online retailer of choice, order a face mask, exfoliator, and some moisturiser. After being shipped from China to the US, back to Asia, and finally to Australia, it arrives, swaddled in plastic. But on the plus side – you're glowing, darling.  

Choice 2: You head to Greener store, Flora & Fauna, and buy some gorgeous plastic-free skincare, which arrives in recycled cardboard packaging. And because you have the Greener app, everything you bought is 100% carbon neutral to help end climate change. Now you’re glowing on the inside too!

This isn’t just about individual impact.

By supporting business that are doing good things for the planet, these businesses grow, and our impact is exponentially amplified. Because of people like you making a simple swap, Flora and Fauna has saved 30 tonnes of plastic delivery packaging from ending up in landfill and oceans.  

Now, this is where things start to get really exciting.

Greener helps you find more sustainable options for everything you buy, and makes every Greener purchase carbon neutral by planting trees to absorb equivalent carbon from the atmosphere. If you shifted just half of your spending to recommended Greener stores, in one year we’d plant enough trees on your behalf to absorb 4.4 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

That’s the same as you and your partner (or your bestie) completely giving up driving.  

Now, imagine you tell 5 of your friends to get Greener, and then they tell 5 of their friends... your one action has created a wave of change that absorbs 113 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere every year. That’s like taking close to 50 petrol guzzling cars permanently off the road!

No one can do everything, but we can all do our bit. Together, our simple choices can create a greener future.  


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