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The one stat you need to know from the budget

The budget at a glance - what it means for climate action, and the one stat you need to know.

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May 19, 2021

What Australia (and... you know... humanity) needs ASAP is a net zero emissions target, and a solid plan to get there.  

In terms of the Federal budget, this would look like a BIG increase in spending on renewable energy (especially storage and transmission for when the sun ain’t shining). It would also mean big dollars for electrifying our industry and transport.

So... What did we actually get from the ol’ 2021-22 budget?  

We like to focus on the good here at Greener, so here are the positives at a glance:  

  • There’s a bit of cash to help Aussies with disaster recovery
  • There’s small amounts of funding to help understand and improve soil carbon (yep.. soil carbon. Just like trees, soil can soak up and store away emissions!)
  • We've got $67m to divert food waste from landfill (did you know that if food waste was a country, it would be the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases!?)
  • We’re getting a new big solar battery in the NT, and support for renewable energy micro-grids in the Daintree. Yay!

And let’s rip it off like a Band-Aid... here’s the bad stuff:  

  • Here’s the one stat you need to know. Only 30c in every $100 is dedicated to the climate crisis (that pretty much sums up the priorities here)
  • There are no new major renewable energy or green industry projects  
  • The Government is keeping fossil fuels on life support, funding a $600m new gas-fired power plant in the Hunter, and pledging a sweet wad of cash (2.3 billion to be exact) to keep our last two oil refineries shakily propped up for another 6 years.  
  • The Climate Council’s economists have called this budget “deeply disappointing”. Ouch.  

How is Australia stacking up globally?  

Along with the devastation of Covid came hopes for a ‘green recovery”, as Governments around the world spent big bucks to keep economies going. But Australia has come out bottom of the class. We spent the least on green initiatives out of the world’s 50 largest economies. Sigh.  

So! what’s next?  

Step 1 – we're bringing Greener to more people over the coming months, to make sure that $100 out of every $100 is leveraged to fight the climate crisis! Make sure you're on our list for priority access, so you can use the power of your everyday spending to repair the planet.  

Step 2 – it’s School Strike for Climate this Friday. We’re heading to the Sydney strike at Town Hall, and we hope to see you there!


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