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Why you won't hear us using the 'C' word

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March 10, 2021

Why you won’t hear us using the 'C' word.

We used to say the 'C' word a lot. But every time we did, we’d lose people. Some would be confused, some would be offended, but most would just mentally check out of the conversation.  

Yep. The 'C' word. Carbon. *shudder*

Carbon (AKA carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, climate change juice - take your pick) is literally our whole gig here at Greener. Our entire purpose is to use every dollar spent to repair the planet, by removing carbon from the atmosphere.  

So, why don’t we talk about it?

Here’s why – it's too bloody boring! Carbon = Snooze-ville. One of the reasons people feel powerless to take action on climate change is that it’s just too confusing.  

One of our core values is to make complex things simple. Our app is all about magic on the surface, science under the hood.  

OK... here’s a secret

We actually love thinking about carbon. We love figuring out how to measure it, and how to clean it up. WE LOVE IT! We love spreadsheets, and getting deep into the data about how much carbon is produced by everything we buy.  So much so, that we've even brought on top environmental scientists, to make sure that the carbon calculations underpinning our app are as good as it gets.

So that’s our dirty secret (pun intended).

You know that everything on the Greener app is backed by a bunch of climate geeks who love thinking about carbon – so you never have to.  

How Greener works

Everything we buy creates emissions that cause climate change. We help people find businesses that are independently verified to be taking genuine steps to be better for the planet.

Every time Greener members buy from these Greener businesses, we plant native Aussie forests. These forests literally clean up and store the emissions equivalent to those created by each purchase. Buying Greener means that you leave NO trace of emissions behind!

The Greener app is launching in 2021.

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