Your guide to COP27



November 7, 2022

Climate change takes centre stage at COP27.

What is COP27? 

You may be seeing a lot of noise about COP27 lately, but if you’re confused about what it means, you’re not alone. 

What even is a “COP”? 

Also known as the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP stands for ‘conference of parties’; and for 27 years in a row, the UN has been bringing countries together to tackle the big issues and help solve the climate crisis. 

And if COP27 actually was a party, then this one is definitely a party that’s worth attending. 

Why is COP27 so important? 

COP27 is being held in Egypt from November 6 to 18 and this one is definitely one for the books.

This year’s motto says it all - "Together for implementation"

That’s right, it's time for countries around the world to roll-up their sleeves and put their money where their mouth is. 

The time for talking around in circles is up. This climate party is all about taking action!

Who’s attending?

Did we mention this party is a big deal? Well if you still weren’t convinced, almost every country in the world has RSVP’d to this one - even North Korea will be there.

Around 100 world leaders will be participating in the two-week-long event, with a single-minded focus on understanding the latest climate science and working together to help end climate change. 

But more than just world leaders, COP attracts a mega crowd. Nearly 40,000 people are expected to get an invite. This includes country delegates, and other passionate climate aficionados that join the wave of extra events taking place around COP27, including networking and climate demonstrations. 

What’s going down at COP27?

Here are some areas that COP27 will focus on:

  • Reducing emissions
  • Helping countries to prepare for and deal with climate change
  • Securing technical support and funding for developing countries for the above

The big focus for COP27 is closing the gap between promises and on-the-ground action.

Why does this gap exist?

Well if you’ve ever tried to plan the menu for a big dinner party, you’ll know that getting everyone’s order just right can be a complicated order. 

COP is no different. It’s a consensus-based process, where every country has a slightly different climate order. The big challenge that has existed in the past, is getting everyone to agree on the key actions needed.

The good news, and something a lot of people don’t see, is that the motivation amongst global powers is on the rise.

The people attending this climate party really want to be there, and they’re all eager to have a good time (aka help solve climate change).   

So it’s looking like we’ll see some quick decisions and meaningful climate action in the not-too-distant future.

Hip hip hooray!

For more information about what’s going down in Egypt, checkout all the details here.

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